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Vulcano hydronic air handlers are designed to maximize performance and comfort in residential or light commercial applications. Vulcano can be used with a variety of heat sources such as boilers and water heaters and can be implemented in combo systems that provide domestic hot water as well as space heating. Smart control systems within the air handler allow extraction of maximum heat by allowing condensing high efficiency heat sources to work at their maximum efficiency while providing ultimate comfort with unmatched performance.

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Vulcano Hydroinc Air Handlers are available in Low Velocity and High Velocity formats.
Yes! Vulcano Low Velocity Hydronic Air Handlers can replace any forced air system, regardless of fuel. The installation process is streamlined because Vulcano Hydronic Air Handlers do not require vent pipe to the outside, and do not require gas piping, nor condensate lines to be connected.

• Heating: Combi Boilers, Tankless Water Heaters and Heat Pumps ( air to air, or water to water)

• Cooling: Conventional split system cooling systems (refrigerant or water) work very well

All Vulcano Hi Velocity Air Handlers units can be mounted in Horizontal, Up Flow, and Down Flow orientation without any modification.
All Vulcano High Velocity Air Handler models are available in 120v.

There are 2 sizes of Vulcano Low Velocity Air Handlers:
• THS-50LV – 1 to 1.5 Ton Unit
• THS-90LV – 2 to 2.5 Ton Unit
• THS-100LV- 2.5 to 3 Ton Unit
And there are 3 sizes of Vulcano High Velocity Air Handlers:
• THS-50HV – 1 to 1.5 Ton Unit
• THS-90HV – 2 to 2.5 Ton Unit
• THS-100HV- 2.5 to 3 Ton Unit

High Velocity Systems take the basic principles of conventional Low Velocity ducted heating systems that we are all accustomed to seeing, and replacing the large rectangular duct with much smaller round supply pipes. This reduces, and in some cases completely eliminates the need for bulkheads and boxes. The system compensates for the smaller ducts by increasing velocity of the conditioned air to provide complete comfort.
Only the supply side of the system is considered “high velocity” due to its increased static pressure. The return side is the same as a conventional system. This means you can apply accessories to the return side of the system the same as a conventional system. Humidifiers, UV lights and Electronic Air Cleaners. Do not use a bypass or flow-thru humidifier.
A conventional duct system is designed for .1 or .2 in.wc. (inches of water column) of duct pressure. Vulcano High Velocity systems operate at approximately 1.0-1.5 in.wc. duct pressure.
Vulcano Hydronic Air handlers are equipped with up to 5 speed ECM motors. Factory speed settings can easily be adjusted on site to allow the contractor to make adjustments to “custom fit” the airflow to the envelope requirements. This allows the opportunity to perhaps overcome preexisting system or installation challenges.
Vulcano Flexible Duct is the most robust small diameter duct available. The Vulcano Flexible Duct core is constructed of sound attenuating, tear resistant spun nylon that is mechanically bonded to a rugged, crush resistant helix. This inner core is then covered with insulation and an outer vapor barrier jacket. Vulcano Flexible Duct is available in 5’ and 10’ pre-finished length that include Vulcano’s EZ Loc cuffs to make connections to the Saddle or Boot quick, easy, air-tight, and removable. Lengths can be connected if extended length runs are required.
Vulcano Flexible duct can be run to a maximum of 20 ft if required. Extending Vulcano Flexible Duct will result in slightly reduced airflow, and therefore slightly reduced BYU’s will be delivered. To compensate, you may have to add more outlets to that area to heat and cool properly.
Vulcano boots can be mounted in the floor, ceiling, or high on the side walls. The 4” round opening is finished with a paintable white Vulcano diffuser that has a build in 4 position damper which allows for individual comfort settings.
Each Vulcano High Velocity outlet stream creates low pressure around the air stream. The low pressure promotes room circulation. A return air in the same room is generally not needed to create circulation but a path must be provided to get back to the return air intake.
Vulcano rough in kits are available and contain everything needed for an outlet installation. Then an appropriate length of Vulcano Flexible Duct with EZ-Loc cuffs completes the run. Each Rough-In Kit contains a Saddle with integrated gasket.